Winter sun – the sunscreen dilemma

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Sue and Pam, Alta

It may be winter and when the sun’s out it feels nourishing and good for the soul.  But beware, it’s important to wear sunscreen during the cooler months as up to 80% of UV rays penetrate the clouds.

Don’t be deceived by foggy or overcast days either as we need sun protection when the UV index is 3 or above.

Research shows that 89% of men and 82% of women surveyed risk skin cancer as they neglect to wear sunscreen during the winter months.

For those of us who love to ski in winter, we definitely need to use sun protection every day because:

  • snow makes the sun’s rays stronger and reflects 80% of these UV rays back at your skin.
  • the sun is stronger at higher altitudes so if you are skiing or snowboarding you are more likely to get sunburn or experience sun damage.

Source: Canstar Blue Survey: Cancer Council of Australia