Our Simply Joolz range of sun protective accessories for outdoors are bright but never boring. Lovingly handcrafted on the Bellarine, Joolz makes them colourful and functional to wear during our sun filled seasons. Whether you call them sungloves or sports gloves, hats or beanies, neckwarmers or neckerchiefs, sunsleeves or armwarmers, you won’t see the same anywhere.

Wear our sun protective accessories outdoors walking, golfing, cycling, skiing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, gardening or driving. There’s sun protection, warmth, or cool stuff for everyone to wear whenever they’re outdoors.

Joolz Paintings: For those in the know Julie, has been exploring the versatility of watercolour and collage for many years.  She tends to focus on landscape, skyscape and seascape, but also flora and fauna. For a sneak preview of some of her artwork for sale click here.