How black became my inspiration…

Which black is which?

Which black is which? Do your drawers look like this?

I know black is de rigeur, and I know it’s a bit of a ‘Melbourne-lookin’ thing, but I’m fed up with trying to find anything in a drawer or suitcase that’s full of basically black nicks, socks, gloves, bras or beanies?

How simple would it be if we added some colour to our undery-neaths and undery-layers?

Guess what?  I’ve decided to make black my inspiration.  Instead of seething unnecessarily and letting it enshroud my energy, I’ve gone crazy with colour!

The mood’s changed, the clouds lifted and I feel happier, brighter and bolder!  And there’s no more rummaging frantically through those unfathomable drawers of accessories.

Take a look at the colour I’ve surrounded myself with. There’s beanies, sun gloves and neck warmers and far too many for me! 

Bold, bright and brassy beanies

Bold, bright and brassy beanies

snug neck warmers

Striped, spots, fluoro, fleece neck warmers

check, stripe, floral, flamboyant sun gloves

Check, stripe, floral, sassy sun gloves

Are you ready for a mood enhancing change?