Two sun hats in Hastings Street

Sun wise ladies Noosa

It’s the go to place for Melburnians in Winter. Noosa up north. A quick fix of winter sun. A dose of Vitamin D. A refreshing elixir for southerners who’ve been slowly suffocating from central heating that cloys and quells the spirit. Too much of it and you’re deflated, depressed or plain dull.

The sun reinvigorates like a double shot of caffeine, but it lasts longer.

Here we sit in Hastings Street watching a flurry of tourists in shorts while Noosa natives wear winter woollies.   Distractions are plenty, but these two women in sun hats catch my eye. They are animated. Engrossed. Earnest. Oblivious to everything except each other and the sun.

I found myself wondering who are they?  Every crease and line seems embedded with history.  I love the way they are so intense. Is it possible they’re exchanging secrets from the past?

Or do they talk about politics, history or books? I mentally discount grandchildren, the weather, Noosa or what’s on tomorrow.  I suspect their friendship goes back a long way, even to childhood. They look as if they have lived fulsome lives, traveled, made their voices heard, or perhaps they were early feminists and trail blazers?

My mind is going wild. They look interesting and intelligent, but what does that mean? I want to tap them on the shoulder and say ‘Excuse me…

Instead, I surreptitiously take a photo, cowardly slip the camera back into my bag and mentally compose a future blog.