The Morty Collection Garage Sale Trail

Garage sale 2 PicMonkey Collage

A frantic call came from my sister, ‘There’s a giant Garage Sale Trail that I’d like to have.  I’m calling it the Morty Collection’.  Do you want to join me?

At the moment I can only think of her poor dead cat Morty, not a garage sale!

But I succumb.  One week to sift, sort, scrub and theme. And, it goes something like this:  sporty, artsy, crafty, collector, foody, office and vintage stuff!

Friends are sceptical.  They say it’s a hard slog for minimal reward.  But hey, I’m having my reward right now.  Cleaning out, moving on and its spring!

There’s been lots of rummaging through cupboards for gems, treasures, artefacts and agonising over saying goodbye, sayonara, auf wiedersehen, au revoir! But I’ve done it.

Some gear is new.  Yes, really?  I’ve been caught up in shopping and hoarding and I need to declutter.

New homes and new beginnings… I’m feeling lighter already!

The Morty Collection Garage Sale Trail is on Saturday 24 October 9am – 3pm at 57 Field Street, Clifton Hill, Victoria.

A sample of what we’re selling:

Mosaics: artwork, tiles, books, tools, substrates, mirror

Simply Joolz accessories: sungloves, beanies, armwarmers and neckwarmers

Health: Chi Master massage machines x 2, fit ball, waterbottle, massage foam roller

Golf: sticks, bag, Tri-fold deluxe push buggy, misc sticks, used golf balls, Cleek Mens golf jacket, umbrellas, golf shoes

Ski: Obermeyer parka, SOS pants

Cycle: D-Lock, panniers, pannier stand, Netti waterproof jacket

Vintage: Box Brownie camera, demi-johns, Carlton-ware, teaspoons, bone handle knives, Hanimex viewfinder and slides/cases, tea sets, large retro wall tapestry

Foodie: Tagine, thermos, platters

Carry: handbags, travel cases, Crumpler day pack

Home office equipment:   HP Printer and consumables

Other: 8 balloon-back dining chairs, prints and paintings, DVDs, plus much more