Storm rides the high seas below-deck, bound for southern waters

Precious cargo* is wending its way through the Panama Canal from the UK, bound for the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, Williamstown.

We’re talking about passionate sailor, skier and sometime skater, Tony Sneddon’s latest baby, Storm, a 40 foot six berth Beneteau yacht.

Instead of making its own way on the high seas though, it’s been neatly tucked away sans mast, and mounted into a cradle in a container aboard a 70,000 ton ship called Tonsberg.

Some 44 days later we can expect Tonsberg to berth at Web Dock, and after clearance, Storm will be housed in its new pen at Williamstown.

Tony, a fully accredited RYA instructor says: ‘Storm’s purchase is the start of a new era for her and for us.  She offers a tad more comfort, class and flexibility for the courses we run at Yacht Training Victoria. By mid-November we’ll have her out on the water ready for our “Beginner to Yachtmaster” courses.

To find out more about the courses at Yacht Training Victoria click here

Fair winds, tight tacks and gentle gybes Tony!


*If you’d like to track Tonsberg on her journey down the US coast and through the Panama Canal try using an app called Shiptracker its lots of fun.