A heat reminder: 50% of sunburn occurs during passive recreation

UV it all adds up-NSCAW_infographic-A_Facebook_v6

Only just back from my annual appointment with the Dermatologist to check for sun damage, I now feel and look like a teenager with spots.  ‘Preventative action.’ the dermatologist with pure white, unblemished skin said as she sprayed dry ice onto spots on my arms and face, ‘We need to catch them early.’

‘Ooow!’ I mumbled through gritted teeth.

Finding this poster that the Cancer Council produced for Skin Cancer Action Week is a perfect reminder to beware of sunburn as we retreat for a few days and wallow in the warm weather and outdoor holidays.

Here’s the rub though: 50% of sunburns occur during passive recreation which is probably when we least expect it. That is, when we’re mooching around the house gardening, mowing lawns, putting the washing out, walking the dog or….

Take care this summer as every bit of UV adds up and much of mine started in my formative years.  Make sure you slip slap slop, wear a sunhat and cover up.

Here’s some tips on what we can do when outdoors to prevent sunburn.