Tis the season to be Joolzy: five tips for Christmas shopping

Simply Joolz Xmas tree

Ho ho ho! The tree’s decorated and photographed and I’m counting the days to Christmas….oooh eeh, it’s less than 20 days!

Christmas is a stressful time not least of all deciding on gifts that are meaningful.  Here’s my thoughts on the subject of presents:

Joolz Five Tips for Christmas shopping:

  1. Start early so you can enjoy the process rather than resent it and you’ll see the pleasure when you give a gift that’s treasured
  2. Make a list of names, budget spend and list their hobbies and interests
  3. Consider the genre of the gift you are giving. What brings a smile to their face? Something that’s unique, ethical, environmental, handmade, experiential or one that changes other people’s lives?
  4. Start sourcing: Will you shop online or support local retailers? There are a lot of websites dedicated to selling one-offs and handmade arts and crafts such as Made it; Hand-made; and Countryculture. If it’s an experience you’re after there’s Red balloon or let them decide with a voucher, be it clothing, a cooking class or book. Then there’s gift cards that keep on giving, think Care, Oxfam or a new toy or book from the Smith Family’s Simply Giving website. If your list includes an outdoorsy person you might like to keep them covered and sun-protected.  Take a look at Cancer Council shop or handmade sungloves, sunsleeves, or beanies from Simply Joolz. Then again, why not give a gift that you have been given and enjoyed? For instance, I love my Sodastream machine, wooden toast tongs and packing cells for travel.
  5. And finally, gift-wrapping: Because this is one of my weaknesses, my tip is to leave it to the gift store, they do it well and it saves time. Take a peek at My Christmas too as they have a host of Christmas wraps as well as decorations. Plus, you can buy food hampers and old fashioned kids presents such as pick up sticks, kaleidoscopes and knuckle bones!

That’s shopping covered, now over to you. What tips can you add and what are your favourite shops?