A field of fluffy meringue…and we’re talking snow!

Frosty Drop5 mg IMG_0734

Spargo’s ski run at Mt Hotham looks deceptively easy from the top but as you descend, depending upon the conditions, you’ll find your speed accelerates into an icy decline.

Sally has captured an absolute cracker of a day where it looks like a field of fluffy meringue. Pavlova perfection!

Follow the ski tracks and you’ll find Britta and Andy, mere dots on the horizon, while I languish reluctantly in the lodge with a sprained ankle – the result of an errant skier colliding with me.

This photo was taken on the ‘panorama’ option on Sally’s iphone and the image is accessible as high resolution which is useful.

Armed with my iphone I’m now experimenting with sea-scapes, green-scapes and everything expansive and it’s incredibly easy.

What successes have you had?