Omeo returns to a golden age

Omeo Golden Age lsIMG_3150

The Golden Age Hotel is a highlight of Omeo. I mean you can’t miss it.  It’s had a mini face-lift. A vivid paint job in gold that reflects its name and reinforces its dominance in the town.

When asked about the hue the barmaid assured us that ‘it’s been taken back to its original colour.’  And then as an afterthought added ‘But we know it’ll fade!’

Original.  We’re talking 1857 when the first incarnation was built. You’re looking at the fifth incarnation. In between there’s been gold rushes, fires, three storey’s, and now two storeys.

And then, there are the locals, apparently 450 or so. We met Akubra wearing, retired mountain cattleman, Les Burke, who’s been in the area for seventy years. He played an extra in two films and according to Les in one of them he ‘sat at the bar and, phfft, drank Coopers!’

Omeo Les IMG_3145

Not a bad job if you can get it eh?

There’s a stale chip on the floor, Dolly Parton bleats out on the phono. We’re the only guests right now. On offer, an excellent homemade ham and pea soup or brioche bun with pulled pork and coleslaw.  A cheeky Gehrig KV Riesling was our midday indulgence. Now we’re talking!

Omeo, aboriginal for mountains or hills, you certainly ooze a rich and colourful history. You may be remote, but you’re only a 30-40 minute drive from Mt Hotham or Dinner Plain.

If you’ve been to Omeo, what do you like about the town or area?