When there’s a cause, cycle

How far are you prepared to go in the name of a cause? Not all of us can or want to grow a moustache, abstain from alcohol or take an ice-bath, but mention cycling and I’m on my bike.

For the seventh consecutive year, I’m cycling to raise funds to fight Kids Cancer. And, I’ve had the best warm up yet – a self-guided cycle trip from Venice to Trieste, and on to the Istrian village of Porec via Slovenia.

Our ride, a total of 330 kilometres over six days, was interspersed with optional routes and transport. Imagine a shortcut with bikes aboard a ferry down the Canal Guidecca in Venice, a train trip when we were fatigued due to gale force winds, or a speed-boat ride to cross waterways on the way to Grado to reduce our ride to 65k. Add to that, the freedom of having our luggage sent ahead to the next hotel each day.

Self-guided cycle trips may not be for everyone. This is Neil and my fourth such trip in Europe and it seems to get easier when it comes to following route maps that is!  In Sicily, and now in Italy and Croatia, the addition of arrows stuck to various signposts to indicate the direction, has reduced the need to check the map as often. Consequently, there’s less confusion and stops to discuss which way to go.

Back home with my Kids Cancer hat on for the month of October, I wake each day and wonder if I have time to ride, where I will ride and whether I can dodge the wet, windy weather that seems to be typical of Melbourne’s spring. There’s no arrow to follow, no pre-determined route only the impetus to reach my 400k goal supported by the generosity of some very kind family and friends.

My inspiration is to raise funds for the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) so they can find better treatments and cures for children’s genetic diseases, and each year I feel fitter for having cycled.

If you’d like to support my Great Cycle Challenge for the CMRI click here