Not one, not two, but three holes in one

US golfer cards three aces in the one round

US golfer cards three aces in the one round

I dream of one. A first. A milestone. A badge of honour!  A triumph and an entry into the record books!  And I’m talking of ‘one’ hole in one.  But how many golfers attain the trifecta in one round?  Three aces, or three holes in one, is a sensational achievement.

Patrick Wills, a somewhat tidy Virginian golfer aged 59, with a handicap of +4, carded a magic 14 under par 57 to win the Summer Solstice Tournament for a 20th time.

According to the BBC report the amateur golfer had already had holes in one at the par four seventh and 10th when he hit his five iron into the green at 14. Says Wills ‘ When we got to the green I looked down and I don’t even know what I felt – I was dumbfounded…It was unreal. I had never experienced anything like that before.’

Patrick Wills

Patrick Wills has previously scored 22 holes in one

For anyone who plays golf, perhaps temper your enthusiasm with these stats.  The odds of achieving two holes-in-one in a single round are approximately 67 million to one, and the odds of three are well into the billions.

I’ve played a few rounds of golf, but the nearest I’ve been is to see three others score an ace.  And, of the golfers I know who have had them, two have had two!

How many have you had or seen?