Coats and pyjamas for pooches great and small

Whenever I slip a neck warmer over an unsuspecting dog for a photo opportunity they seem very compliant and lap it up (pardon the pun).  However, when I do it to our resident fine- furred, heat seeking missile of a Tonkinese cat called Coco, she runs a mile.

It’s no surprise there’s a ready market for overcoats for those hounds that are fur or hair challenged. Take for instance a colleague of mine whose hobby it is making toasty coats for greyhounds – in particular for foster and adopted dogs from the Greyhound Adoption Program Victoria (GAP).

My colleague Trish, aka The Dog Coat Lady, now sews gorgeous custom made coats and fleece pyjamas for doggies of all sizes. Take a look at her models Mr Gibbs, Elvis, Big Kev, Chad and Diesel at gr8tecoats and support her support of the program.

I cherish the day that Coco our Tonkinese will prefer a pair of pj’s to sitting on my lap when I’m on the computer.  Coco, there’s no room for you!

Frank enjoying his Neckwarmer

Frank – Williamstown