Clandestine hoarder declutters shoes

Pfft, New Year’s resolutions are not for me. But I do know that I start the year feeling industrious and set vague goals or, lists of things to do.  Just last week when the temperature dropped from 43oC to 26oC I decided to have a mini declutter.

The first stop was our ‘walk in’ wardrobe.  As a clandestine hoarder, it’s the mainstay of the affliction as this is the room where I tend to go laden with clothes or shoes that I can’t throw out, yet I can’t see myself wearing for the next few months. I deposit them here and months’ become years.

The space is accessible by way of the guest bedroom and it’s warren-like.  A surfeit of suitcases hug the high shelves and block the small window making it dark but ideal for storing and ignoring.

In a previous life the room housed a bidet and a washbasin. Fortunately, we knew the owner was fond of her bidet and during the purchase, negotiated that she take it as long as the area was made good again. And she did.

Confronting me now is an eclectic range of stuff accumulated over sixteen years: clothes, linen, bedding and boxes, hats and helmets oozing from the shelves and hangers. My head slumps and my eyes drift to the floor focusing on pairs of unruly shoes stacked against the wall.  Some of mine sit pertly on a shoe rack hoping to be worn, but the rest, a mix of his and hers, look homeless and unwanted.

The first to go are the high heels worn twice or thrice and so I proceed making quick decisions until nine pairs are relegated to the Op Shop bag.  I’m pleased with my progress and invite Neil in to address his shoes in the room. Seeing the shoe rack vaguely free he seizes the opportunity to fill it.

‘Which ones are you going to move on?’ I ask.  He hesitates before passing me his selection, a pair of faux crocodile skin brogues purchased for $20 from the Op shop to complete an Austin Powers fancy dress outfit.  I say nothing.

The Op shop bag has sat on the landing for a few days but I’m feeling somewhat lighter knowing that I’ve tried to do this for years.  I ring the local Vinnies to find out what time they are open on the weekend only to be told ‘We’re not taking any clothes or shoes at the moment as we’ve had an influx since New Year’.  I gasp and hope that we get a Charity Collection bag dropped in the letterbox soon.

Have you had the urge to declutter since New Year, and if so, where did you start?