Calling all MAMILs and urbane cyclists

If you’re a MAMIL (middle-aged-man-in-lycra), railtrail-rider, ride-the-nighter, commuter or weekend cyclist, take a look at Matt Keenan’s call to action below:

The Bicycle Network with 47,000 members, works hard trying to improve the lot of riders including cycling infrastructure. They’re building their membership base and if you’re not already a member, it’s worth considering.  

For your subscription you get comprehensive cycling insurance, an excellent bi-monthly magazine called Ride On and a host of Member Rewards.

Join now (before 31 October), quote FRIEND and you’ll receive a jersey and a cyclist pack worth over $100, plus opportunities to win other prizes.

My sister encouraged me to join last year and as fairly regular cyclists who loves rail trails we’ve signed on again.   

What insurance do you have to cover you and your tredley?