Machu Picchu via the less travelled Lares Trail 2

Britta Machu Picchu 2

One potato, two potato, three potato more!  Sixty different varieties according to Britta who raved about the Peruvian food on her two week trip to Machu Picchu via the less travelled Lares Trail.

Day two was a demanding 1000 metre trek to 4800 metres (15,748 feet) but the backdrop spectacular – an Inca ruin and small villages where children wore traditional dress.  With not a lot of time to acclimatise, headaches and nausea were common and packs limited to six kilograms with porters carrying the rest.

According to Britta temperatures in September ranged from 15-20 degrees and at night dropped to 2-4 degrees in the tent so her Simply Joolz beanie became a nightcap.

For anyone contemplating the trail her advice is to do some cardiac training if you are a couch potato!

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