Beanies for a beast of a disease

Neale Daniher picture by Darrian Traynor

AFL legend Neale Daniher, living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND), bravely spoke about his beast of a disease at the Collingwood – Melbourne clash yesterday urging everyone to get on board and don a blue beanie or undertake the icebucket challenge to raise funds to find a cure.

According to Daniher ‘It’s a beast of a disease because it’s got a 100 per cent strike rate, once you’re diagnosed, you’ll die, there’s no cure, no treatment. It’s a beast because of the way it kills you. None of your muscles work, you can’t speak, you can’t swallow, you can’t breathe. It doesn’t attack your mind, your mind stays sharp and bears witness as your body shuts down.”

To show your support to find a cure for this insidious disease visit:

Photograph by Darrian Traynor